Selling Your Property

Selling With Albany Prestige Realty

It’s an unfortunate fact that many sellers tend to think that all agents are the same and so, choose their agent on price alone. The problem with this method of selection is that it’s not the agent who is buying the property.

The facts are that, just as all houses are different and most every client’s requirements are different, so too are agents. In fact the difference in experience, in skills, in service levels and in personalities in the real estate industry, can be immense.

At Albany Prestige Realty we have agents with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of our local area and market.

When embarking on anything that requires expertise, we normally enlist the services of highly qualified specialists. For our health we go to the doctor, for legal matters we approach a solicitor, to design our dream home we choose an architect or builder. These are all qualified professionals who have studied, qualified and practiced their different crafts for many years. Good real estate agents are no different.

The challenge is to locate and deal with a real estate agent with whom you not only feel comfortable but who can demonstrate and prove a number of attributes.

We have a strong background in Albany, Bremer Bay and the Plantagenet Shire. All our sales team has a strong knowledge of local prices recently achieved and in which direction the market is heading. This information is vitally important to achieving for you, our SELLER, the best possible price for your property in a reasonable time frame.

How much you decide to ask for your property will determine the number of potential buyers who are attracted to “have a look” and consequently the length of time it will take to sell.

Shorter time means a higher price … The two most frequently asked buyer questions are, “how much will they take” and “how long has it been on the market.” The first question is a great opportunity for a good agent to invite an offer but the second question is always a hard one. When people ask how long a property has been for sale, it is usually because, the longer it’s been for sale, the less they think they will need to pay.

It has been proven that the best opportunity to achieve top price for your property is within the first 30 days. After that the “scavengers are gathering” waiting for it to show signs of a last desperate price reduction.

Talk to our sales people about some extra marketing. We have some very good advertising options for the SELLER who wishes to enhance their properties chances of being sold for their required price. Don’t let your property get lost with the mob. A larger photo or some other marketing option is often like switching the lights on and getting noticed.